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Robert M. Ianniello, Ph.D.               Principal

Dr. Ianniello has over thirty years of experience in both basic and applied research. His graduate work was concerned with the development of biochemical sensors based on chemically modified thermistors and electrodes using enthalpimetric and electroanalytical techniques. He also worked on the chemical characterization of electrode surfaces using various spectroscopic (FTIR, mass spectrometry, ESCA) and thermal analysis (TGA, DTA, DSC) procedures. Early in his industrial career, Dr. Ianniello was responsible for method development and problem solving using gas chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography, and thin layer chromatography on pharmaceutical raw material and dosage forms. Later, he concentrated his research efforts in the areas of electroanalytical analysis of organic impurities, ion chromatography, microscopy (optical, SEM), and general wet chemical testing. He has developed methods for the determination of organic impurities in water-soluble polymers using square wave voltammetry, inorganic and organic acid content of polar organic solvents using ion chromatography and capillary electrophoresis, and analysis of preservatives in cosmetic formulations using liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection. He has published 33 research papers and holds 10 patents. Dr. Ianniello has directed the research activities of a product and formulation research development department in the areas of pharmaceutical, agricultural and beverage science and is knowledgeable in emulsion, microemulsion, tabletting, and beverage treatment technologies. He also has experience in the development of formulations in support of products used in the fields of cytology, histology and hematology. He has led research groups in the general field of heterogeneous catalysis. Specifically, he has led new materials R&D, materials characterization, precious metals analysis / methods development, and new technology discovery in the areas of petroleum refining, chemicals, and polyolefin catalysis. He retired as the Vice President of Analytics and Infrastructure, Catalysis Research, in the global Catalyst Division of BASF Corporation. Dr. Ianniello supervised a staff of one hundred  people. He supervised the activities of all scientific services (analytical, engineering, technical information, facilities) in the North American region and managed annual operating and capital budgets of $25MM and $2MM, respectively. Dr. Ianniello has been a member and former President (2004) of the governing board of the Eastern Analytical Symposium since 1994, a corporate representative to the Industrial Research Institute, and President of the International Precious Metals Institute (2012). He also was a member of the advisory board (curriculum) of the College of Arts and Sciences of St. John’s University (2004 – 2007). He has been a member of the Rutgers University Chemistry Department Industrial Advisory Board since 2009. Dr. Ianniello is Adjunct Professor of Chemistry at both Rutgers University (New Brunswick, New Jersey) and Union County College (Cranford, New Jersey).  He has a B.S (summa cum laude) and M.S in Chemistry from St. John's University (New York) and a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (New Brunswick).

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